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February: A Great Month to Collaborate at Compass!

Shameka, Lydia, and Savannah in the bullpen.
Kelly, Keith, Kreyton, Mr. Johnson, a mystery person, and Ms. Shaefer

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Compass Academy Website

Looking for school information? Compass Academy's new website is open for business. Access PowerSchool, Echo (student learning-management system), attendance guidelines, and facilitator contact information. This blog page is also integrated into the site. This week's task: have your driving student register their vehicle on our site to ensure that they can access parking on campus. Click here to reach our site:
See you at registration on August 14 (8-5 pm) or 15 (10-7 pm). Remember, to avoid long lines, visit us on Day 2 of registration or try stopping by later in the day.

Preparing for Registration

Welcome to Compass Academy's Need to Know space. Anytime we have new information to share, it will be updated here for parents, guardians, and students. Registration is August 14 (8 am-5 pm) or August 15 (10 am-7 pm).

Today's Need to Know: Bus transportation - Compass Academy students ride their neighborhood buses to Skyline High School or Idaho Falls High School. After arriving, find the Compass shuttle bus that will bring you to school in time for first period. If your last class ends at 3:00 pm, a bus will take you back to your home high school at around 3:15. If your last class ends at 4:00 pm, a bus will drop you off in your neighborhood within walking distance of home. This bus leaves Compass around 4:10 pm. It is important that you sign up for the 4:00 bus during registration if you plan to use it. Zero period, which begins at 8:00 am, requires that you have a ride or drive to school yourself. No busing is available for 8:00 am classes.

Encourage Students to Keep Compass Clean

Compass students have the freedom to use their school in ways that match their learning styles and personal preferences. We have several workspaces where we expect users to view them as "quiet spaces free of noise, food, and drink." We ask students to consume food and beverage over the linoleum in order to make clean up easier.
Yesterday, I was finishing my lunch when I noticed that a group of freshman boys had left a plate of food and several utensils under their table. Another group of sophomores ate their fast food in the cafeteria but left the restaurant sacks for our custodian to clean up. This behavior does not demonstrate trust, respect, or responsibility. It shows a lack of kindness for others.
Please talk to your son(s) or daughter(s) about taking care of our school. We are all part of creating and maintaining a positive environment for students, staff, and visiting guests. Thank you for your support.